Successful Move Checklist

  1. Research the company before you sign the agreement or Order for Service.
  2. Ask to see the company’s credentials and past references. Check The Movers’ Licensing with the Department of Transportation. Here 
  3. Ask to see a copy of the moving company’s tariffs. This will outline the maximum costs and how the costs are calculated according to Volume, weight and distance.
  4. Ask about insurance. New federal rules state that a mover must offer you the option of purchasing full valuation coverage. Most insurance policies are based on weight( 60 cents per LBS), not value. Make sure you’re fully protected and check with your homeowners insurance to see if moves are covered.
  5. Ask that your moving charges be based on volume, not weight. Most long distance hauls are automatically measured than calculated per cubic foot. Weight moves leave too much room for error. It’s easier for a moving company to increase the weight by adding fuel or other loads to your weight.
  6. Ask up front if your mover is a broker or a moving company. If your moving company is a broker, find out who will actually be moving your things. Research and investigate both companies. The law states the the company has to tell you whether they’re hiring another company to actually do the move prior to the move day.
  7. Make sure the company isn’t charging you for extras like tape, blankets or fuel unless it is stated on your estimate and ask about access charges for stairs, elevators or shuttle service.
  8. Have someone at your old home for when the movers pick up your stuff, and someone at the new home for when they are delivered if you cannot be there. Everything that goes on and off of the truck should be recorded and checked twice. Be sure to get a copy of the inventory of the shipment.


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When Selecting a Potential mover be sure to check their licensing information at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration By Clicking Below. Important factors to consider is the companies fleet size and mileage logged to show that they are an actual carrier with active trucks and not merely a Broker who subcontracts out your move.