Moving Prices – How Much Does It Cost To Move from New York to Florida?

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Why move from New York To Florida?

There is perhaps no larger chasm in policy results than the one between New York and Florida. The poorly managed Empire State and misguided left wing policies have caused its population to decline faster than any state in the nation last year, while serving as a model of caution for the remainder of the country. The Sunshine State, on the other hand, has seen its population more than double since 1990. Is also the top destination for former New Yorkers. Thanks to its judicious use of tax dollars and wealth of resources, Florida is now the third most populous state in the nation.

Florida VS New York, Long Distance Moving

New York and Florida are similar in size, population, and racial profiles. Each attracts plenty of immigrants. But years of mismanagement in New York has wreaked havoc on its residents. Imagine you are well into your 50s and have worked in New York for several decades. It is now time to consider your retirement. Individuals planning their golden years have to consider how far their hard earned dollars will go. Staying in New York and shelling out tens of thousands of dollars annually may no longer be viable. Serial abuses of policy, spending, and taxation have left thousands of citizens with the same decision to stay in New York or move to Florida.

Cheapest Time of the Year to Move from New York To Florida is Fall

Most Expensive time of the Year is Summer

Average Cost to Move From New York To Florida


  • 1 Bedroom $1100
  • 2 Bedroom $1800
  • 3 Bedroom $2500
  • 4 Bedroom $3000

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Pro Moving Tip 


Keep in Mind Moving Box Tape is what can be very costly as it is made from plastic so when estimating the cost of your moving supplies factor in 5 rolls of tape for every 15 boxes or so and a roll of packing tape is between $3 to $5 each. Typically professional movers will provide full packing services for an additional cost. Depending on the cost of your materials and the time it would take for you to pack yourself it may be worth it to have the movers provide the materials and pack for you. Also when movers pack for you typically they have to insure the items they pack against damages so our professional carriers take extra care to protect your items for shipment using only the highest quality of moving boxes, mirror cartons, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, heavy duty moving blankets and tape. Our Professionals are also trained in crating services and can arrange to Transport your Vehicle as well.

New York to Florida vehicle transport

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